Aloe Vera Juice: Is Weight Loss Possible?

March 12th, 2012 admin

But before we dwell on a certain effect of this useful plant, we should provide а brief overview of what it actually is.
In fact, this green plant has been used in medicine since ancient times. It is thought to have originated in Africa, and for many centuries people have used its soothing and healing effects for various purposes. This plant is very undemanding, so you can easily grow it in home conditions.

Thus you see that you can improve your health condition without any serious expenses. Of course, this way of losing weight might not be effective for everyone, and should be combined with other measures such as moderate diet and exercise. Nevertheless, it will surely bring some benefits for your health. Let’s see how it works.

First of all, this plant increases the metabolic rate, and this means that your body consumes more energy. As a result, your body mass index becomes more stable and gradually reduces. It happens because the energy is taken from burning carbohydrates and fats that are present in your body. Some studies have shown that regular drinking the juice of this plant can be considered equal to several workouts in course of a week.

But this effect is not the only one that this useful plant produces. Apart from increasing the rate of substances exchange in your body, it contains a great amount of collagen – a protein that requires certain efforts from the body to assimilate it. This way extra energy is spent and thus weight loss is stimulated. The collagen protein also helps develop your muscles. And this is yet not all. This substance has light laxative properties, and so the food is eliminated from the body faster. As a result, your body does not absorb much energy. Thus it becomes obvious why this plant is called “the dietary one” and the “harmony remedy”.

Still, together with aloe vera juice weight loss, some other efforts should be made in order to reach better results. First of all, most specialists advise to make a schedule that would include regular exercise and nutrition. It is enough to exercise for half an hour at least three times a week. It is advised to consume products that contain little fat and sugar. A low calorie diet is very helpful at fighting excess weight. And remember, fast food comes out of question for those who would like to lose weight. Instead, consume more fiber-rich products.

So we have found out the numerous benefits of this plant but it still remains unclear which amount of it should be taken. The taste of this plant is rather bitter, so it would be advisable to mix it with juice. However, it is up to you to decide whether you can tolerate this bitter taste. During the first days, one is recommended to consume approximately two ounces of this dietary juice mixed with fruit juice, for example. Later on you can gradually increase the quantity to eight ounces without any doubts, as this amount is considered to be absolutely safe.

Taking moderate amounts of the dietary juice, you will not experience any side effects. However, if you discover any health disorders, whether connected to it or not, do not hesitate to contact your physician for advice. You should take any medicine carefully together with this juice, as it might have other effects than expected. Pregnant women should be especially cautious and consult a health care professional, and even menstruating women might want to get some advice.

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2 Responses to “Aloe Vera Juice: Is Weight Loss Possible?”

  1. Dellilah says:

    Aloe vera gel helped me to reduce stretch marks. I guess aloe can help you to lose weight but only if you combine it with healthy food and exercising. If you continue to eat fatty high-calorie food, I guess aloe vera won’t help you much.

    • NAUGHTY says:

      I was drinking aloe vera juice for 2 weeks wihout changing my eating habits and without exercising, and I lost some pounds anyway. But I never eat fatty foods so maybe that’s the reason.

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