Why Does Aloe Gel Drink Have a Priority over Other Drinks?

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Aloe vera belongs to the botanical family Liliaceae. In the world there are more than 300 species of this plant. But only Aloe Barbadensis has the most effective curative properties. The leaves of this plant include a large quantity of gel fluid, which is high in vitally essential nutrients. Nowadays, aloe vera is regarded as the «queen of medicinal plants». In different parts of the world there are special institutes that are created for study of the benefits of this plant. It means it has a great potential. At the time of the Ancient Egypt aloe juice was known for its influence on the beauty, health and life expectancy.

There are hardly any medicinal plants that contribute to self-curing of our organism, as aloe does. Thus, plays a unique combination of over 200 of high quality pure biological substances contained in the plant in a balanced ratio play a very important role. Here are the most important of them:

- vitamins (A, B1, B3, M (folic acid), C, E, and B12),
- trace elements (Zn, Ca, Mg, Fe, K, Na, Chromium, Manganese, Copper),
- enzymes (peroxidase, catalase, lipase, pulp, amylase, exude alkaline phosphatase; lignin; tribulus. They are splendid sedative substances, possessing a strong antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral activity),
- simple sugars (the main of them – acemannan, that supports the immune system, accelerates the healing of wounds, has a positive effect on the blood vessels, joints, good for the intestines, protects our body from poisons),
- polysaccharides (the various components of these substances to help with arthritis, high pressure, digestive disorders, improve the job of the liver, contribute to the improvement of the bones, increase the absorption of calcium and phosphorus).

This wonderful plant is used for the natural healing of the damaged skin. Using this plant people produce juices, powders, gels, it is often added to food. For example it can be found in cosmetics, lotions, shampoos and a lot of other common household products. The many benefits of aloe were not fully investigated so far.

For centuries people have respected the soothing properties of this plant. Aloe is commonly found in homes as a houseplant. Families often transferred it from generation to generation together with the knowledge of the useful properties of this plant.

Today many companies sell aloe gel in its pure form. They peel off the leaves and keep the inner part of heir gelatinous consistency. Gel is gently squeeze and is packed in containers, ensuring the absolute purity of the product.

What are the benefits of aloe gel drink?

- it cleans the organism from slags (vessels, joints, blood, lymph, intestines, liver),
- it’s effective for allergy and intoxications,
- it has anti-inflammatory effect,
- it improves blood clotting,
- it increases the hemoglobin in the blood,
- it is a natural antibiotic,
- it reduces the side effects of the segments of pharmaceutical preparations,
- natural lithium found in aloe, acts as an antidepressant,
- it has calming action on the nervous system,
- it has choleretic effect,
- it is an excellent prevention for ulcers of the stomach and duodenum, as well as for the treatment of the diseases,
- it promotes cell renewal,
- it stimulates immunity for its oppression, increases the protective properties,
- it has curing effect on burns.

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  1. Epic says:

    I was prescribed vitamin B12 injections and I’m afraid of shots, does anyone know if I can take it internally, drinking aloe vera juice in particular?

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