Herbal aloe drink is a source of your health

August 6th, 2012 admin
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Why is aloe called one of the most mysterious plant on our planet? The point is that this plant has a very beneficial effect on human beings’ health and all its secrets are not discovered yet. For thousands of centuries it has been grown not only in the wild in the tropics but on the windowsills of our houses. The drink made from the juice of aloe is often recommended by doctors for those who suffer from numerous health problems. In fact, patients who include this beverage in their daily diet claim that they have noticed a great improvement of their health. They say that they have a sound sleep, feel full of energy and never feel tired in the afternoon as they did before.

“The lily of the desert” is one of the nicknames of this succulent which was given for its numerous benefits. More than 200 species of aloe are known all over the world. The plant is especially appreciated for jellylike fluid contained in its leaves. The liquid is proved to be rich in vitally important substances. One more nickname of this plant is “the Queen of medicinal plants”. Special institutes are established to study of its useful properties. So, a great potential of this plant is out of the question. Even the Ancient Egyptians valued it for its incredible effect on health, beauty and longevity. Aloe drink can be taken both internally and externally thus it is a very multifunctional remedy. First of all this liquid is known for its healing effects on the skin. In the case of having burns or wounds you can apply an aloe leave or juice on the affected area. It is also very helpful for curing sunburns, the antibacterial properties of the plant and its softening effect on the skin help to relieve redness and itching, caused by sunburn. The use of this drink is advisable for treatment of various diseases and disorders like ulcers, diabetes, colds, arthritis, constipation, headaches.

This medicinal juice has an interesting composition that’s why it is so useful, as well as other medicinal plants. This juice contains vitamins of group B, vitamin C, minerals, amino-acids, ferments and many other essential materials. It is not surprising that the consumption of juice suppresses the inflammatory processes in the body, promotes the excretion of products of the metabolism and strengthens the immune system. Its regular use improves the work of the intestine. The list of positive effects of this beverage on the body, of course, does not end there.

How should people take aloe drink?

It can be used in the following way: 1 tablespoon 2 times a day, best of all – in the morning and in the evening. After one week you can increase the dose up to 2 tablespoons 2 times a day. Like the majority of medicinal plants, aloe has a few contraindications and side effects, especially when it is taken externally. The most frequent side effects caused by overdose are disorders of the gastro-intestinal tract, for example, pain in the abdomen or diarrhea. A laxative action of this beverage and is able to reduce the absorption of drugs that are used simultaneously with aloe.

You should be careful about taking aloe vera in the following cases:

- during pregnancy and breastfeeding,
- diabetes (long-term intake of aloe vera orally may have an impact on sugar level in the blood),
- during menstrual period,
- appendicitis and inflammatory bowel diseases,
- taking diuretics and corticosteroids,
- ulcerative colitis.

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  1. M-teza says:

    I know that aloe vera contains many vitamins and minerals that are necessary for pregnant women so I asked my doctor if I can drink it and she said that it’s better not to take aloe vera during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

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