Do you know how much aloe vera juice to drink daily?

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No doubt, you know about innumerable benefits this therapeutic plant brings for our health. Would like to check this? Before doing that you’d better find out which amount of this juice is suitable personally for you. The answer depends on the brand that you have chosen. We recommend you to choose products without any additives, one hundred percent natural ones consisting only of the juice of this wonder plant. Thus you’ll be able to enjoy all its benefits without any side effects. Another piece of advice is that you take the juice reasonably, never exceeding the recommended dose.

So, for natural products the recommended dose is from four to eight ounces a day. Most people prefer to split it in two parts and take it in the morning and in the evening. Still the taste of this drink is not very pleasant, as the plant in question is rather bitter. In order to make this healthy drink more palatable, we advise you mix it with your favorite juice. In this way you’ll be able to enjoy the drink and experience all its benefits at the same time.

When taken daily in average amounts, this drink will make you feel better and healthier. Its benefits include longevity. Some studies have shown that daily consumption of this juice can increase the life span of a person by about 10 years. It happens due to the fact that the juice of this plant makes all the organs function better. It contributes to the work of the digestive tract, makes nutrients absorb more efficiently, controls candida and fungus, and improves the state of your skin and hair if you use it externally. Moreover, it enhances your immune system and helps prevent various kinds of infections, as it is useful against bacteria.

Before consuming the juice of this plant daily, be sure to consult your doctor and read the label of the product that you have purchased. If you are pregnant or lactating it is a contraindication to consuming the mentioned juice as it may cause diarrhea or lead to allergic reactions. In case you have bought concentrated juice, then daily consumption will be much lower, about one ounce, or two tablespoons. Specialists recommend taking the juice before meals in order to significantly increase its absorption.

The question “how much aloe vera juice to drink daily” is often asked in regard to children and seniors, who often have health peculiarities, such as low functioning immune system. These are the categories that also can benefit from taking the juice of this wonder plant, as it has the capability of enhancing the immune system. So, it is recommended for children aged 1-5 to take from one to three tablespoons of juice daily. Seniors are advised to take the same dose as adults – from one to three ounces a day.

Keeping to these recommendations, you are sure to experience only the positive effects this plant brings to you. While it suits almost every age, you should consider carefully which product to choose. It should be produced by a reliable manufacturer and contain as little additives as possible, or, in other words, to be natural. Another option might be to prepare your own juice from the plants, but it takes some time and is more money- and time- consuming in comparison with buying a ready-made one. Anyway, it’s up to you to choose the product that suits you most of all.

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  1. Melbeano says:

    I’ve been drinking one glass of aloe vera juice every day for 2 weeks, so is it too much?? I didn’t know that the recommended dose is only 1-3 ounces a day.

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