Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice for Constipation

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Aloe vera leaf and gel

Constipation treatment with Aloe Vera.

Constipation is more than 48-hour stool retention.

Constipation is a health problem which according to medical statistics, the elderly and babies experience most often.

In highly developed countries fifteen percent of the population suffer from chronic (persistent) constipation. It is a surprising fact that women suffer three times as often as men do.

Almost all people can experience constipation during travelling, after stress and operations. These constipations disappear after returning to normal life and they are not considered as a disease. If they become habitual, they require a careful diagnosis and treatment.

Constipation causes are different:

- diet, poor plant fibres, combined with a small amount of fluid intake and sedentary lifestyle;

- gastrointestinal disease (ulcerative disease, chronic pancreatitis, irritable bowel syndrome, tumors of the colon);

- accumulation of hardened stool in the intestine (“feces stones”);

- diseases of the anus (anal fissures, hemorrhoid, paraproktit), accompanied by the expressed pain and impeding the evacuation of intestine;

- neurological diseases ( Parkinson’s disease, stroke, injuries and spinal cord tumours, multiple sclerosis);

- diseases of endocrine system (hypothyroidism, diabetes mellitus and others);

- administration of certain drugs (atropine, drinking soda, Almagel, cocaine and other);

- long-term depression.

For the treatment of constipation you should examine your lifestyle and diet. Try to eat regularly and consume more fiber.

Aloe vera juice for constipation

For the normalization of stool one should take aloe vera juice. The preparations on the basis of aloe in folk medicine has traditionally been used as a laxative and cleansing the body. Drinking aloe juice does not possess such an unequivocal laxative effect, but helps to normalize the intestinal peristalsis and gently cleanse the body. In a few months constipation will occur less, your stool will become more regular and not so painful.

In constipation you ought to drink lots of water a day to wash the organism and restore its balance of moisture and mitigate the stool. Increase the dose of drinking aloe juice in parallel with the reduction in the dose of medications prescribed to you by the doctor. Take aloe juice before meals. The dose of drinking aloe should be increased until the intestines again function normally.

In chronic constipation the mixture of recipes of traditional medicine, which includes Aloe and honey can be very helpful. Take one teaspoon of this preparation three times a day. If you need to preserve your medicine, you can preserve it with alcohol.

Aloe refers to the medicinal plants that can be used all year round. Earlier it was used for fast healing of wounds, but its amazing properties are not limited.

Do not forget to drink water!

Along with a drinking aloe juice (adults and children) must drink lots of filtered water. Leading specialists in the field of health advised to drink a day for at least 2 litres of good quality water.

Tips for the treatment with aloe product

Type of treatment: examine your lifestyle and diet, try eating regularly and eating more fiber. Do not forget to drink water. For the normalization of stool take aloe juice.

Take aloe juice 3 times a day before meals. Start with small doses of 10 ml. and within a week increase the dosage to 30 ml.

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