Aloe Vera Oil Benefits and Ways of Application

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Aloe vera cut leaf

People living on different continents are sure to know such a wonderful plant as aloe vera. Though it looks like a cactus, it is a member of lilies family. The history of this plant is very long. The plant gained the popularity at the time of the conqueror Alexander the Great. The plan was cultivated on Socotra, the island that Alexander conquered. Local aborigines called it sabur and considered it to be very helpful in healing wounds and various diseases.

Aloe vera oil benefits

Worldwide, this plant is famous for its pronounced curative and, of course, cosmetic properties.

Everything begins with the recovery of the water balance of the skin, which turns aloe oil into a true elixir! Aloe oil is able to penetrate deep into the skin and intensively nourish every cell without drying, wrinkling and peeling. That is why the moisturizing aloe vera oil benefits are unique.

One of the most essential aloe vera oil benefits is bactericidal. That is why it is recommended to use in irritated, affected skin with skin injuries, wounds, ulcers, etc.

The third unique property of the this plant is regenerating. Combined with strong moisturizing effect all the properties of oils are ideal for eliminating and preventing the appearance of sagging skin and wrinkles. This is a perfect, easy cosmetic basis both for aging, and for young skin.
On the basis of aloe oil homemade creams, masks and lotions are prepared, as well as it is used in pure form or by adding to the desired essential oil.

Aloe vera oil properties

* Nourishing and soothing, making the skin beautiful.
* Helps to restore dry and dull skin.
* Promotes healing and regeneration of the skin.
* Soothes, makes skin more elastic and prevents aging.
* Improves blood circulation, reduces scars
* Heals damage and heal sunburn

* Dehydrated, dry, scaly skin (frostbite, cracks)
* Tired skin, devoid of elasticity.
* Mature skin: wrinkled, stretched.
* Dim in need of revitalization of colored skin.
* Irritated, sensitive skin, irritation after shaving
* Solar erythema

* Regenerating and rejuvenating beauty serum
* Luxury body oil for the face and body
* Day and night nutritional rehabilitation creams, cleansing creams and lotions
* Sunscreen and tools after-sun
* Massage oils and mixtures
* Moisturizing lip balms
and other preparations for skin care.

* Essential oils of rosewood, roses, ладанной gum for the regeneration of the skin and anti-aging treatment.
* Neroli essential oils, Absolutes, Jasmine and vanilla for dehydrated and dry skin
* Essential oils of lavender Speke, immortelle Italian, sage and rosemary for the treatment of burns, scars and solar eritem.

Methods of use:
* In pure form or in combination with essential oils, other vegetable oils in daily use on the skin of face, neck and neckline.
* As an ingredient of the oily phase in creams for the body.

Hair care

* Nourishes the hair and scalp.
* Makes your hair silky and shiny.
* Restores vitality of dry and brittle hair.
* Improves gloss and flexibility, decorates hair.

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