Aloe vera juice and diabetes

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What do you know about such a wonderful plant as aloe vera? It’s an evergreen emigrant which came to our houses from arid regions of Africa, America and India. People started to use this plant as a medicine many centuries ago. The most valuable thing in the plant is a liquid inside the leaves which can be extracted al the year round.

A lot of uses of this liquid are known. Athletes treat dislocations, strains, and other sports injury with aloe juice. Women use it as an ingredient of masks, creams, shampoos and lotions. Many people prove that it’s a universal remedy for hepatitis, asthma and various skin diseases.

The most common uses of aloe vera juice:

For improving digestion and food assimilation, reducing the processes of fermentation and rotting in the large intestine.
For regulating the function of endocrine gland that influences our skin condition.
For normalization of ferment activity, metabolism and blood supply.
For removing toxins out of the liver, improves the secretory l function of the large intensity and skin.
For Clearing the body from chemical waste, clears the blood and lymph.
For Intensifying body resistance against allergies caused by pollen, chemicals or food and boost the immune system.
For weight and energy regulation
For the restoration of collagen and elastin
For health and skin care

Aloe vera juice. Nutrition facts.

Aloe vera juice consists of 200 various nutrients supporting our health and good looks. This plant boosts our immunity compensating for a deficiency of necessary substances.

This beverage contains 18 amino acids including all irreplaceable amino acids which are directly connected with cell regeneration and which are not produced by our organism. It also includes folic acid that is often recommended for the women are planning to become pregnant.

This natural drink is a source of 12 vitamins including a rare vitamin B12 which can be found only in animal protein. This vitamin is often prescribed as injections for raising body resistance against diseases and a cold.

Aloe vera juice is full of 12 minerals. They play a role of a catalyst in our body and support its proper work. That’s why if our diet lacks essential minerals our organism can’t function effectively. Such symptoms as tiredness, headaches, pain in your joints, muscles and abdominal cave warn us of lack of minerals.

Aloe vera juice and diabetes

People who suffer from diabetes always have problems with keeping their blood sugar levels under control. If the blood sugar level is too high there is a threat of having heart attack, kidney failure, nerve problems and stroke. The liquid of the medicinal plant can help to lower sugar levels in the blood. Nevertheless it’s not recommended to use this remedy without consulting your physician. Bad aloe vera interaction with other drugs can be very dangerous and the wrong dose may make your blood sugar too low. The average dose is one tablespoon twice a day. Sometimes the following side effects may occur to you:, low potassium levels, upset stomach diarrhea, muscle weakness, stomach pain and hepatitis.

Pregnant and breast-feeding women are forbidden to drink aloe vera juice for curing diabetes.

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  1. X-tin says:

    Aww If these side effects mentioned here occur for people with diabetes, probably it’s better to find other ways to keep blood sugar under control. I guess it is always better to consult your doctor before using any remedy to make sure that it won’t do more harm than good.

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