Aloe Vera is the Best Diet to Lower Cholesterol

December 19th, 2012 admin
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According to the U.S. statistics, heart disease kills up to 1500 people (almost 1 person in a minute) per day, and stroke is a reason for death of more than 700 people! The sad statistics is growing. All these deaths are caused by cholesterol, or its excess in the blood.

The diet of a modern «civilized» man become unnatural. Edible fats are changed beyond recognition being overheated, in contact with other substances, they become unsuitable for digestion and the production of good cholesterol. Especially strong composition of the fat is changing, if it is heated together with starches (for example, fried potatoes, potato chips, cookies, cakes, fried corn).

What is the best diet to lower cholesterol? Products containing aloe for the reception inside are recommended for the prevention of this disease and improvement of the blood circulation. The plant is rich in the substances lowering the triglycerides of LDL (harmful cholesterol) and, on the contrary, increasing the content of HDL (good cholesterol).

Thanks to some studies, it was found disappearance of the symptoms and signs of ischemic heart disease after adding drinking aloe gel in the diet of the patient. The study also found that aloe replace medicines from the pressure, chest pain and to reduce sugar in the blood.

According to research of scientists, stabilized Aloe Vera is:

• an excellent remedy for violations of the liver, it is recommended for the prevention of liver cirrhosis.

• has a strong choleretic effect, which gives the opportunity to clean up the gall bladder and bile ducts of the liver from the stagnant bile.

• antibacterial and antifungal the quality of this gel allows you to neutralize the toxic, contaminated by bacteria, toxic for the organism bile;

• phosphatase enzyme regulates the functions of the liver.

The consumption of aloe significantly changes the blood tests of the amount of bilirubin and a level of cholesterol in the blood, according to the results of ultrasound enlarged liver is included in the normal paths, etc.

• If the liver is overloaded, and in a «modern» nutrition and the absence of preventive measures for cleaning the liver, it is overloaded with almost all – the liver is unable to produce a quality cholesterol to the body! Therefore, we need aloe juice, which is an effective remedy for violations of the liver, has choleretic effect, a cleansing properties. Stabilized aloe contains simple sugars and polysaccharides, a lot of enzymes. It is believed that the various components of these substances help to digestive disorders, but also lower the levels of cholesterol and regulate the function of the liver.

Aloe vera gel 60 ml in the morning are useful for everyone. And it’s guaranteed to improve your health and well-being. Try it yourself and make sure of it!

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  1. Eric says:

    Other products that lower cholesterol are oranges, carrots, beans, grapes, wine, nuts and many others.

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