The best recipes of making aloe vera juice

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Each of us is eager to stay healthy and fit for a long time and have a glowing skin and hair. If you are still not sure that it’s possible you should take the secret of ancient Egyptians into consideration who drank aloe vera juice every day and never complained of having any health problem. Since that time this wonderful beverage has been considered to be a natural healer. Moreover scientist proved that aloe vera really does a lot of good for our health due to having essential proteins, minerals, vitamins, enzymes in its contents.

If you drink this incredible product regularly you’ll be able to do away with the following health problems.

- defend you organism against inflammation
- support for muscle mobility and proper joint function
- boost your immune system
- keep dental hygiene
- increase your energy level
- improve and cleanse your digestive track
- solve numerous skin problems
- regulate the blood pressure
- treat ulcers
- detoxify the body
- cleanse the colon

Aloe vera juice is available to consumers in special shops but if you feel exhausted you can prepare this liquid themselves at home and experience its benefits. In this article you can learn very simple recipes of making the juice of this plant on your own. All these recipes include other fruit which add an incredible taste and other health properties to the beverage that you are going to get.

Before starting making juice by yourself you should harvest aloe vera gel from the leaves. Here is a short instruction.

1. Break off several leaves from the plant
2. At first peel the rind from the plant with a sharp knife, then peel the yellow layer beneath it. When you remove the rind and yellow layers clear gel is left.
3. Continue this procedure until you get 2 tablespoons of the clear gel (30 ml).

Recipe with lemon juice


Aloe Vera drink (buy here) – 2 tablespoons
1 cucumber
The juice of 1 lemon
1 apple


1. Cut apple and cucumber into small pieces.
2. Use the blender to extract juice from them.
3. Then mix the extracted juice with lemon juice and aloe vera gel.
4. Mix carefully.
5. Chill before serving.

Recipe with oranges


- Aloe vera gel – 1 tablespoon
- 2 carrots
- 1 peeled orange
- 2 green apples


1. Cut the green apples and the carrots into small pieces.
2. Put the sliced orange, carrots and apples and the aloe gel to the blender and mix carefully.
3. Blend this mixture and drink it.

Recipe with pineapple


- Aloe vera gel – 1 tablespoon
- 1 carrot
- Fresh pineapple – 2 cups
- 1 green apple
- Coconut milk – a few tablespoons (optional)


- Put all the ingredients along with the gel to the blender and mix well.
- Add a few tablespoons of coconut milk.
- Pour the beverage into a glass and enjoy it.

Recipe with pears


- Aloe vera gel
- 2 pears
- 2 carrots
- A half of papaya
- Ginger to taste


1. Cut the fruit into small pieces.
2. Add the gel to this mixture.
3. Blend the mixture carefully.
4. Drink the beverage immediately.

Recipe with beetroot


- Small beetroot (1/4)
- 2 carrots
- Aloe vera gel
- Celery (1 stalk)


1. Cut all the ingredients into small pieces.
2. Put into the blender and add the gel.
3. Blend well and serve the drink.

As you can see all the recipes are very simple to prepare it will take minimum of your time to get maximum benefits for your health.

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  1. StarLiz says:

    I was looking for some recipes with aloe vera juice or gel, I know that it has many health benefits and I wonder what it will taste like. Probably will try the recipe with pears tonight.

  2. Mysterious says:

    I like how aloe vera juice tastes if it’s mixed with pineapples, I often make the cocktail with aloe vera and pineapple that is described here, but I don’t add carrots in it.

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