Aloe vera plant in the pot

Fruit Juice Diet for Weight Loss

February 14th, 2013 admin

Freshly squeezed juices contain the most useful substances. Doctors claim in juices vitamins, mineral substances and enzymes are located practically in their pure form. A large part of the content is fiber, which has a number of benefits for the body. Therefore, in order to get the maximum benefits, a person should consume more juices. [...]

a glass with green useful drink

The best recipes of making aloe vera juice

April 26th, 2012 admin

Each of us is eager to stay healthy and fit for a long time and have a glowing skin and hair. If you are still not sure that it’s possible you should take the secret of ancient Egyptians into consideration who drank aloe vera juice every day and never complained of having any health problem. [...]

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