Recommendations for a Healthy Vegan Diet

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Vegetarian food

A version of the diet without the use of animal products is called as a vegan diet. Veganism as a life style and moral choice has little to do with the desire to lose weight. Usually people become vegans for reasons of religious plan, or beliefs about the non admission of establishing the priority of some species over others. Vegans consider the fact that we love and grow some animals, and kill others for the sake of meat unfair.

The movement was originated in the West in the 70s years of the last century, and nowadays it is closely connected with the environmental radicalism and the struggle for the rights of animals. Yes, according to statistics people who are among strict vegetarians are more slender people than those who consume «meat» products, but there are also other data. 30% of teenagers gain 5-7 kg during the first year of refusal from meat, eggs, animal oils and milk. This fact is not connected with not with vegan lifestyle but with an unbalanced diet and overeating.

A balanced diet without animal products is sure to help in reducing weight in case you continue to follow it. Before you will accept this way of life you should learn some recommendations for a healthy vegan diet:

- Give up drinking coffee. This drink «pollutes» the body and causes overeating;

- Eliminate junk food. Although chips are made from potatoes, and not from beef, they contain more calories and TRANS fats than benefit;

- The basis of the diet are special products for vegans, and fresh fruits, fresh and stewed vegetables and dishes from whole grains. In this case, fruits and vegetables should be eaten 5-6 servings, grain – 3-4 servings, and soy products, nuts, mushrooms include only 1-2 servings in the diet;

- The main rule of «slim vegan» will not appeal to those wishing to lose weight without diet and exercise. Veganism suggests the most natural way of life, and therefore, the main «reason» for eating something is the feeling of hunger;

- Alcohol and confectionery products are allowed only if, their preparation doesn’t include gelatin from animal bones, lecithin and other similar components. In practice, this means that you will have to buy a fairly expensive wine, and cook sweets yourself, so you will have to limit their use willy-nilly.

Daily Ration for a Vegan Diet

A well-balanced vegan diet is suitable for all ages. Here is a brief list of products that are a must for this diet.

• From 2 to 4 vegetables and from 2 to 3 servings of greens (mint, oregano, beet, chard, mustard, spinach, cabbage…)
• From 6 to 10 units (pieces) of bread, pasta, rice and cereal of solid cultures
• From 2 to 3 servings of beans
• From 1 to 2 servings of nuts and seeds
• From 2 up to 3 total teaspoons of butter and fats
• From 1 to 2 fruit and 1 to 2 servings of dried fruits
• 3 servings of strengthening non-dairy products (soy milk, for example)
• 8 glasses of water daily (with the active way of life)

Food additives (for adults)

• Vitamin D – 5 micrograms daily
• Vitamin B12 – 2.4 micrograms daily
• Calcium – 600 milligrams daily

One of the best products for the vegan diet is aloe vera juice which is rich in all the necessary elements. It contains various biologically active substances. They are polysaccharides, including biopolymer acemannan, which strengthens the immunity, suppresses inflammatory processes and has strong antiviral action. Moreover polysaccharides contained in aloe juice consist of simple sugars (glucose, fructose), proteins, a complex of essential amino acids. This beverage is rich in B-vitamins, vitamins C, E, choline, provitamin A), minerals (more than 20 elements required by the body, including Mg, Ca, K, Zn, Se, Mb, Si) and enzymes.

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  1. Brian says:

    The human body requires protein and fat for proper nutrition, and getting enough protein from non-meat sources isn’t easy, you just can’t eat enough food to hit a protein intake. Moreover, the vegetarian and specially vegan diet is tends to be very low in fat. So I’m against vegetarianism.

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