How to make the best of real aloe vera juice

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Aloe vera plant

The unique composition of real aloe vera juice promotes the improvement of all types of metabolism and strengthens the basic system of protection of the organism against unfavorable effects. It increases the resistance of cell membranes to the destructive and aging action of free radicals that leads to many diseases. This contributes to immunomodulating effect, which is provided by polysaccharides, amino acids, vitamins and zinc, selenium, copper. These components increase the assimilation of the cells of oxygen and carbohydrates reinforce the energy potential of the working extensively cells of the brain, heart, liver and other organs.

The reasons for application of aloe juice are wide enough but the main ones can be divided into three groups:

1) prophylactic purposes. It is especially advisable in the critical periods of the year (winter, spring) and polluted areas;

2) therapeutic purposes. Many people drink this juice in the combination with main course of treatment, appointed by a doctor in influenza and acute respiratory diseases, atherosclerosis, ulcerous disease of stomach and duodenal ulcers, obesity, skin diseases (furunculosis, psoriasis, eczema), diseases of the eye;

3) rehabilitation period after heavy diseases: infectious, severe injuries or operations.

The following tips are intended not only to help those who are still not acquainted with aloe vera, but even for people who have already experienced some benefits of this plant.

1. Don’t hurry. Let real aloe vera juice act

This plant won’t cure you during one night. You should use it at least 3-6 months, to give the body time to feel the benefits of this liquid.

2. Determine the dose of the juice

People most often make mistakes in determining the dose. It is not necessary to start at once with the optimum dose. You can try to take juice slowly, and then gradually, within two to four weeks, increase the dose. You can start with tea, dessert or tablespoon (5 ml, 10 ml, 15 ml) two times a day, depending on the current health situation and previous history of your illness. If you have pain or continue to be sick, then start with a small dose for the next two weeks gradually increasing it to the optimal amount.

We would advise you to take aloe in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening just before bedtime, and after it don’t eat anything or drink hot drinks during an hour. In general, the dosage depends on the fact if you drink aloe for general strengthening of the organism or for the treatment of more serious problems, such as skin disorders, digestive disorders and inflammations like arthritis. In such a case it may be advisable to drink it with small portions throughout the day (which is not very convenient for working people), or to take two large portions, as described above.

3. Store aloe in the refrigerator

Please, do not forget that started bottle with drinking gel or juice, should be stored in the refrigerator. Some of the companies offer a small storage period, so always check it on the label of date. The leading companies-manufacturers of aloe produce stabilized drinks and other products based on this plant, which are able to preserve its freshness for a few years. It is possible, but under the condition that the containers will be stored in a dark place at room temperature.

4. Aloe Vera for small children

Kids (from 2 to 3+ years) can be given a little bit of natural aloe vera juice as a restorative tonic and in the case of problem as asthma.

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  1. Lucky_stanly says:

    Oh I had some doubts whether I can store aloe vera gel in refrigerator or not. Today I got 4 aloe vera leafs, have extracted the gel from them and transferred it to a bottle and kept in the fridge. And I wasn’t sure if I can do that and if it would have the same effect, but now I know that I SHOULD store it in the fridge, so thanks for the article.

    • Angyel says:

      I also didn’t know that aloe vera gel is supposed to be stored in refrigerator, so I stored it in bathroom for 4 or 5 days, but surprisingly nothing happened to it)) But now I always make sure that I put it in the fridge after using it)

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