Aloe vera desserts. Make your food healthy

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aloe vera dessert

Thanks to its numerous advantages for human beings, aloe has earned its reputation in all parts of the world. Many centuries ago this succulent grew only in semi-arid areas of the African continent, America and India, then this plant settled down in Central Asia, the Crimea and the Caucasus), and a bit later it was grown on the windowsills of our houses. people found it convenient to harvest its leaves all year round which means that they can make the best its benefits at any moment.

As it’s impossible to list all the benefits of this plant in this article we would like to focus our attention on its biochemical composition which is really rich in useful elements. When you include this amazing liquid in your daily diet you get:

1) A great number of minerals
This beverage is high in minerals like sodium, calcium, iron, chromium, potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese, and zinc which play an important role for the organism. Aloe vera is a really splendid storehouse! It’s known that in order to keep healthy, we ought to include vitamins and minerals in our ration. Using this plant is a really great opportunity for human beings to supply their body with all the vital substances.

2) A great number of vitamins
This succulent is high in vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, C, E and folic acid. Our body has no ability to produce and store them; thus, we should include them in our diet.

3) A great number of amino acids
Amino acids are considered “building blocks” for our organism. Nutritionists call eight essential amino acids which are not synthesized by our body. ! If you take this beverage regularly, you will keep fit and healthy, providing yourselves with all these essential amino acids.

Moreover it’s proved that daily use of aloe vera juice:

- improves digestion
- detoxifies the organism
- has a bactericidal, anti-virus and anti-mycotic effect
- increases the absorption of water – and fat-soluble vitamins
- contributes to the rapid restoration of tissues due to the normalization of exchange processes and pH balance at the cellular level
- enhances the ability of cells to regenerate for various skin diseases, including psoriasis
- supports the work of the immune system

Aloe Vera Dessert

Though this liquid is usually taken as a drink it can also be used as an ingredient of cook recipes. As a result you can prepare healthy and delicious food for all your family.

Aloe Vera Lime Delight


Aloe vera gel
Lime juice


Pour aloe vera gel in a saucepan.
Turn on the flame at the highest temperature and warm your sauce pan.
Add the lime juice and sugar in it.
Cook the gel until becomes like a peeled grapes.
Turn the flame off.
Serve chilled.

Aloe vera Yogurt


Aloe vera gel
Chilled yogurt
Lime juice


- Add the aloe gel in a sauce pan.
- Turn on the flame in high and boil aloe vera gel
- Add salt.
- Add lime juice.
- Turn the flame off.
- Now serve hot with chilled yogurt.

You should know that there are several contraindications of using this plant internally. They are pregnancy, any severe disease in the period of exacerbation, chronic cardiovascular disease, liver and kidneys problems, a severe allergic reaction. Thus if you are going to take this juice in its pure form or add it in your dessert you had always better consult your physician.

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  1. CatsFan says:

    I tried to cook aloe vera yogurt, but it had sugar in it instead of salt, it is a dessert and I guess it must be sweet =) But I should try to make it with salt too, propbably it will taste good as well.

    • Sandy says:

      When you make this yogurt you add aloe vera and other ingredients to ordinary yogurt which is already sweet, if you add more sugar it will be too sweet even for a dessert. But anyway it’s only my opinion, I just don’t have a sweet tooth)

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